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Monday, June 3, 2013

Eminence Organizer

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Hi guys!
Pengen ngadain acara sweet seventeen, wedding party, anniversary, reunion or celebration dengan meriah dan harga terjangkau tapi bingung nyari EO dimana-mana mahal dan ga nemu"? kami punya solusinya! 

The Eminence Event Organizer

cekidot guys!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome Back!

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Hi, there! :) I'm back hohoho

After a few months i never open and leave this blog, do you know? how i miss this blog so damn much :'(
I hope i can writing again and tell story what i have felt, about my feeling or you can call this "unek-unek" haha. To be honest i'm very tired with tests, assignment, try out. What the hell with all this, sometimes i just wanna free and get a longgg holiday.. I miss Orchard Road, i wanna eat Singapore Ice Cream, futhermore i wanna back to play at Universal Studio Spore again especially watch Monsters Rock, Transformers The Ride, and take a picture with all hollywood artists again.. I miss that so badly :'( When I can back?? hmm.. i guess it's impossible if i wanna back now.